Steve Lemme & Kevin Heffernan of Broken Lizard and Super Troopers & Dan St. Germain – COMPLETED


It was Saturday October 10th • 8:00 PM The Lobero Theatre

Starring Steve Lemme and Kevin Heffernan
with Dan St. Germain


The LOL Comedy Festival has always been a bit on the fringe and this year’s Santa Barbara LOL Comedy Festival is no different — always, off the beaten path, but always dead on the mark with the funniest and edgiest shows you will see live, and filmed in many cases, these shows are no different. Once again we like to believe we hit the mark with these two cult worthy Broken Lizards fresh off their NETFLIX Stand Up Special, FAT MAN LITTLE BOY Kevin and Steve are now back on the road, first stop sblolfest to make you do what your suppose to do at a comedy festival, laugh.

KEVIN HEFFERNAN (“Farva” in Super Troopers and “Landfill” in Beerfest) & STEVE LEMME (“Mac” in Super Troopers and “Fink” in Beerfest) are 2 members of the Broken Lizard Comedy Group and creators of films such as Super TroopersBeerfestClub Dread & The Slammin’ Salmon. In their two man live show, Heffernan & Lemme perform stand up, tell funny stories about the making of their movies and sometimes even drink a beer with the audience — Beerfest style! The

show has it all  from 2 of your favorite Broken Lizard members. In the end, you’re guaranteed to see everything that’s funny about a fat man sharing a stage with a little bitty fella.


Dan-ST-Germain-with-titleJust added DAN ST. GERMAIN: Kicking off the evening will be Comedy Central’s  Dan St. Germain who’s Stand-Up Comedy special was met with rave reviews. As “One of the comics to watch for 2016” Dan is tearing it up and selling out wherever he performs. This addition to an all ready great show will make this evening a night to remember!



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