Eric Schwartz aka Smooth-E

The Nerdy Show

Saturday October 17th • 8:00 PM The Arlington Theatre

Starring: Andy Daly and Chris Hardwick 

and Eric Schwartz a.k.a. Smooth-E

Tickets call (805) 963-4408 or get now  [tixbutton buttontext=”Get Tickets” buttonlink=”″] or

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Eric Schwartz aka Smooth-E electrifies with his extraordinary blend of stand-up and music in his debut comedy special now airing on the lolflix channel on Hulu.  Not only will Eric be co-hosting the Next-Up Stand up show 1, he will also be our man on the street  delivering the funny highlights and funny stories behind the scenes during the SBLOL Festival that will debut on Hulu as morning after content. Eric will also be featured on the SuperNaked show and will perform his unique style of comedy blended with original music.